The CSF - DC model provides a pipeline of supports beginning in 7th grade and continuing through college completion and initial employment.  CSF - DC helps students successfully navigate the critical transition from middle to high school.  At other levels, emphasis is on the 9th to 10th grade transition, the high school to college transition, the first to second year persistence in postsecondary programs and degree completion to employment and career.

In addition we manage two scholarship programs to ease the financial burden of attending college.

 Applicants, Students & CSF - DC Alumni

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Ward 7 & 8

We engage with students as early as 7th grade to increase college awareness.
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upward bound

We help high school students meet timelines and requirements for graduation and college.
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We stay connected to our college scholars during college and provide mentoring during their first two years.
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CSF - DC Alumni

We create a network of community-minded leaders, ready to transition from college to career.
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