Requesting a Leave of Absence from your College Enrollment


CSF - DC Scholars are expected to attend their eligible college on a full-time basis during all academic years until the degree objective has been completed. If you believe there are exceptional circumstances that require you to request a leave of absence, we need to hear from you. If approved, your scholarship will remain available to you when you return to college at a later agreed upon date.

For other questions: Please call 1-202-207-1800 and ask to speak with a staff member.

To request a "Leave of Absence," include the following information in an email to:

  • The reason for your request
  • The name of the college you expect to return to
  • The term and date that you expect to return to college

Be sure to also include:

  • Your full name
  • Name of CSF - DC Scholarship you are currently receiving
  • Current college now attending
  • Phone number to reach you, including area code
  • Your current email address

What can you expect next from DC CSF?  Within a couple days of receiving your request for a leave of absence, you may expect to hear from CSF - DC to let you know if it has been approved or if there is additional information that we need.




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